Free Bible Training Courses
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The courses we offer are the Basic Bible Training Course, Intermediate Bible Training Course, Advance Bible Training Course, Leadership Training, and Evangelistic Training. Our Basic, Intermediate, and Advance Bible training courses are  a three-part study that is offered by Living Waters Church of God, Inc. This three-part training program is for individuals who simply desire to increase their knowledge of the Bible, or for those who would like to refresh their knowledge of the Word of God. It is also for those who are called into the ministry and would like to advance their studies so that they can pursue a certificate in Bible training which gives them the opportunity to pursue candacy for ministerial licensure. At the successful completion of each course, each student will be given a certificate which identifies the course they have completed. There is no prerequesite for the courses but in order to receive a ministerial license, each student must have completed all three courses successfully. Living Waters Church of God, Inc. will license those who are called into the ministry and who have demonstrated Godly character. Candidates must walk daily in divine integrity, live a daily devotional life, have a good report within and outside the church, be humble, not contentious and have met all the course requirements for licensure.

The courses are a 12 week training program.  All courses are free and open to the public and to anyone who is interested. A person does not have to attend or be a member of Living Waters Church of God, Inc. in order to take advantage of these courses. Classes meet twice per week and spends a total of 4 hours per week of in-class Bible training. It is an interactive course where students are lectured and also have the opportunity to ask questions. Students will be tested on their knowledge of the materials that are covered in class and also on homework assignments. There will be verbal and written tests. The teacher will verbally challenge the class with questions and whoever knows the answer may respond verbally. The verbal tests will not be graded. It is designed to stir the students knowledge and give them the opportunity to work together in brushing up on areas that need attention. Written tests and pop quizzes will be graded. At the end of the course students will be given a certificate of completion to show that they have successfully completed each course and are now ready to move on to the next course. Once they have successfully completed each level of Bible training, they will be ready to move on to the next phase of training in the program. There will be opportunities for reviews and also for one-on-one help if a student is concerned. If a student fails the course, there will be opportunities to retake the course as many times as needed so that they can receive a certificate. Every student has the opportunity to gain knowledge of the Word of God because the Bible declares, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me,” (Philippians 4:13).

Note: It is not mandatory for students to take any of the tests. The courses are open to those who desire a certificate and also to those who are not persuing a certificate but simply want to learn more about the Word of God. In order to receive a certificate students must take the tests. After the tests have been graded, the teacher will go over each question with the class. This will give everyone the opportunity to discuss the test questions, including those who did not take the tests.

Materials Needed for All Training Courses: The Holy Bible (KJV). Updates will be given on course materials as needed.

This course deals with who God is, how Man came into existence and the fall and redemption of Man to a right relationship with God. It covers Man’s temptation, the sufferings Man experienced because of his sin and the hope of redemption from the power of sin. God’s plan of redemption and the fulfilled redemption plan which restored a full relationship with God through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. This is made plain through a retrospective and prospective look at the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Students will see Christ through symbols, stories, ordinances and rituals that are painted throughout the Old Testament and they will be able to connect the Old Testament with the New Testament and get a better understanding of God’s full redemption plan. This course is an exciting beginning course that does not require the student to be Bible savvy but will wet their appetite to desire to know more about God and his incarnate Son and they will desire to advance in their knowledge of the Bible as it comes alive in a classroom setting that teaches the Bible on a seminary level.

At the end of the course students will have an understanding of how and why they became a born-again-Christian. They will be able to get a clear view of God’s salvation plan and how they fit into his plan. They will also be able to explain to others what Christianity is about because they see the big picture through the lens of the Holy Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation.​​

Other Areas that will be covered include:

The Authenticity of the Bible
The Two Divisions of the Bible
The Plan of Salvation
The Call of Abraham
The Birth of Isaac 
Law Versus Grace

The Patriarchial Covenant: Abraham, Isaac Jacob
The Twelve Tribes of Israel
The Birth of the Nation of Israel
The Christ of Moses
The Passover Lamb
The Exodus
The Old Covenant is Ratified by Blood
God's Promise to David of an Eternal Kingdom
John the Baptist: The Forerunner of Christ the son of David
The Birth of Christ: The Seed of the Woman

Lo I come in the volume of the Book
The Ministry of Christ

Christ the Passover Lamb
The Crucifixion
The New Covenant is Ratified by Blood
The Institution of the New Testament
The Resurrection
David's Eternal Kingdom Establishes Through Christ

The Day of Pentecost
Baptism in the Holy Spirit
The Old Man Versus the New Man
The life of a believer
An Encounter with God (Isaiah, Paul)
​The Fruit of the Spirit
​The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
The Gospel of Grace
Jews and Gentiles Becoming One in Christ
The Return of Christ
The Doom of Sinners
The Eternal Joy of Believers
​​ Those who have successfully completed the Basic Bible Training Course is now ready to continue their studies with the Intermediate Bible Training Course. The intermediate course deals with:
​​ The Canon of Scriptures
The History of Christianity

The Edenic (first of the general/universal)
The Adamic (second of the general/universal)
The Noahic (third of the general/universal)
The Abrahamic (first of the theocratic)
The Mosaic (second of the theocratic)
The Palestinian (third of the theocratic)
The Davidic (fourth of the theocratic)
The New Covenant (fifth and last of the theocratic)

The Law
​The Levitical Priesthood: the sacrificial offerings
The Feasts
The Prophets
The Period of the Judges
The Christ of Joshua
The Kingdoms of Israel and Judah​
The Christ of Samuel 
The Christ of David 
The Christ of Solomon 
Destruction of the Kingdoms of Isarel and Judah
The Exiles
The Rebuilding of the Kingdom 
Awaiting The King
​​ The Book of Matthew: The King is Here
The Book of Mark: The Servant is Here
The Book of Luke: The Divine Son of Man is Here
The Book of John: The Son of God is Here
Golgotha's Hill
The Resurrection
The Gospel of Grace
Christ's Eternal Priesthood
Structure of the Church
The Five-Vold Ministry
The Lord's Supper and Feet Washing
The Sabbath
The Gospel of Grace
​Living A Holy Life
Understanding Spiritual Warfare
Signs Following the Believers
The Growth of the Church
The Call of God
Fulfilling Divine Destiny​​

The Two Divisions of the Bible:
1) The Old Testament: 39 Books
   -the Historical Books
   -the Poetic Books
   -the Books of Prophecy

Major Prophets
Minor Prophets

2) The New Testament
   -biographical Books
   -history books
   -Pauline Epistles

The Pauline epistles fall into three categories:
   1) The Early Epistles to the Churches
   2) The Prison Epistles
   3) Pastoral Epistles
General Epistles
Prophetical Book
Prophecies about the Messiah
The Patriarchs
The Old Covenant
The New Covenants
The wilderness journey: From Egypt to Rest in Canaan
The Wilderness Journey: From Sin To Rest in Christ  
Jews and Gentiles Made One

The Book of Revelation: The Alpha and The Omega, The Beginning and the End; The Culmination of Man's Time On Earth and the Future Eternity​

This course is designed to train leaders to lead effectively. Effective leaders produce after their kind. When a leader does not "produce" the church becomes stagnant. An effective leader is able to train and impart qualities into others so that they can become mature in Christ and be able to take on the role of their calling. An effective leader train and produce ministers, evangelists, pastors, teachers, etc. If ordaning ministers is not a part of a leader's agenda, then that leader is not spiritually mature and therefore is not fit to lead the Church of God. A Godly leader: 
   -recognizes the value in other people and continually invests in others
   -is not self-promoting
   -is obedient to the Holy Spirit
   -uses their influence for the good of others
   -has a vision
   -serves others and expecting nothing in return
   -is accountable to others
   -live daily at the feet of Jesus
   -is continuous in the faith
   -man or woman of courage
   -is sober and is on guard
   -is strong
   -knowledgeable of the Word
   -is humble
   -stays continuously in God's presence
​   -knows the voice of God


The Bible declares that he that wins souls are wise. Our evangelist training course offers insights and training tools to help others become soul winners. These are some of the areas that we will cover: 
Characteristic of an evangelist:
   -is filled with joy
   -is connected to God
   -knows the Word of God
   -prays hard 
   -has faith
   -has a burden for others
   -grieves over the lost
   -has compassion
​   -is bold

An Effective Evangelist:
   -knows the Gospel
   -watches for openings to share Christ
   -creats opportunity to share if there is no openings
   -build a relationship to others
   -is filled with the power of God
   -is persuasive
   -has a soul-winner's message
   -shows the sinner in Scripture that he is a sinners
   -shows the sinner in Scripture that the penalty of sin is death
   -shows the sinner in Scripture that Christ died to pay the penalty of our sin 
   -lead the sinner in a repentance prayer
   -guide the sinner in finding a local Bible believing Churh
   -impart contact information for follow-up
Intercessory Training of ​​​​
Gatekeepers, Prayer Warriors, and Watchmen on the Wall
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