Apostle Sharon E. Harris is the founder of Living Waters Church of God, Inc. She has been called into the ministry and has been diligently working in the ministry for almost 30 years.  The mandate to establish the Church was quickened into her spirit by the Holy Spirit, and in obedience to the call of God on her life, she has established the Church in Albany, New York. She has acquired her bachelors degree on psychology at Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, New York and SUNY Albany, New York, and she is currently in persuit of her masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the College of St. Rose, Albany, New York. 

Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, she has written a book called, Intercessory Training of Gatekeepers, Prayer Warriors, and Watchmen on the Walls. As an intercessor who has been trained by the Holy Spirit, she felt compelled to pen the divine revelations that the Lord has given to her, so that the body of Christ can be educated in this vital part of ministry.  God has given her powerful revelations concerning his divine design for His Church. This life-changing book will cause its readers to realize how powerful intercessors are, and how much the Church is lacking because there has been breeches in their hedges of protection. For this reason, God has appointed intercessors to keep watch so that they can build hedges of protection and advance the Kingdom of God here on earth.​​​ Apostle Harris preaches and teaches the unadulturated Word of God and stands for nothing less than holiness unto the Lord, now and forever.
Motto: Equipping Saints to Reap the Harvest (Luke 10:2)​​
Living Waters Church of God, Inc. is a Bible believing, Bible teaching Church that walks in the integrity of the Word of God and builds upon the foundation laid down by the apostles of Jesus Christ. Living Waters accepts the whole Bible in full as the inherent Word of God and fully practices its teachings, the New Testament being our rule and guide. We believe and practice holy living and teach on the indwelling of the Holy Spirit who gives us power for service. Jesus Christ is the incarnate Son of God and he is fully God and fully Man and we serve him as Lord and King. “Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be honour and glory for ever and ever. A-men” (1 Tim. 1:17).​​​​
Our Vision:
Our vision is to see the Church become spiritually healthy because it possesses the knowledge of the divine doctrine of the church of God whose foundation was laid in Christ by the apostles of Jesus Christ at the inception of the church. We would like to see the church fully operating in the five-fold ministry where strong leaders are birthed and where these leaders are able to in turn train and equipped others to become great leaders who have answered the call of God in their lives. We would like to see the church manifesting the power of God where God confirms his word with signs following the believers. Thes manifested signs would enable  believers to carry out the great commission which is to preach the Gospel to all nations.
Our Goals:
We hold weekly Bible studies, monthly meetings of our sub-ministries, revival services at least once per year and outdoor evangelism every summer so that we can reach the lost and disciple them for Christ. This will help believers develop a passion for Christ as they labor in the vineyard. Each believer will be given the opportunity to become aware of their hidden gifts so that they may answer to God’s call on their lives. We will promote consistent growth and build an atmosphere of love so that we may win the lost and restore backsliders. We will stream line our services through Facebook, Skype,  and Periscope so that we can reach those nations and countries that we feel the Lord is leading us to reach.
Our Mission:​​​
Our mission is to make prayer one of our core values so that we will allow God to guide the church.  We will organize a prayer team whose responsibility is to consistently pray for, but not limited to, the leadership of the church, its members, for the salvation of sinners, and for countries and nations so that the Word of God will have free course and that there will be peace. We would like to teach free seminary-level Bible courses that is not only open to members of our church but to all who are interested. We will aim at making training available for all levels of ministry, with a central focus on training leaders to become great leaders according to the standard of godliness as laid out in the Holy Scriptures. Believers will be trained and equipped to evangelize the world, one community at a time, as well as be trained and equipped to minister within the church as God has appointed. Sub-groups such as women’s ministries, men’s ministries, youth ministries, and other ministries will be conducted on a wide scale where conferences will be held for the general public for anyone who may be interested.

We will also be mindful to meet the physical and natural needs of all believers and the general public, following the examples of the Lord Jesus Christ who not only brought the spiritual kingdom of God, but also took care of their natural needs by feeding those who were hungry, and healing the physically, mentally, emotionally, and psychologically sick. We will have compassion and provide clothes to those who are in need of clothing and work with our city goverment to point them to agencies that can provide a safe place of shelter and other resources for the less fortunate.  This will spread the love of Christ and alleviate any hinderance to the spreading of the Gospel.
Our Objectives:
Our Bible studies are conducted in series of Beginners, Intermediare, and Advanced so as to provide believers with the opportunity to advance in their knowledge of the Word of God at a steady pace. We also provide training workshops and seminars for believers on a regular basis to help them discover their gifts and reach their full potential in a timely fashion. Within three years believers will have accomplished their requirements to receive their certificates of Bible Studies. One-on-one tutoring and counseling will also be available to believers who desire to take advantage of the opportunity.

We recognize that great leaders produce healthy structures for the building up of the body of Christ so we acknowledge the need and vital importance of training leaders to become great leaders indeed. Our Leadership Training Program offers tools and insights into what makes a great leader, and on how to build the foundation of a great leader. Leaders will be reminded of the heavy responsibility of leadership, what God expects of leaders, how he expects leaders to conduct themselves, how they ought to handle those whom he has placed under their care, and how he has equipped them to fulfill such a vital role and how they must stir up the gifts that is in them by allowing the Holy Spirit to guide their every move. They will be trained on how to recognize the spiritual gifts in each sheep and where in the body of Christ God has placed that particular sheep. They will learn how to prepare and help their sheep recognize who they are and  they will take steps in preparing and enabling them to answer to the call of God in their own lives. The proof of a great leader is in the physical manifestation of their gifts and calling. The condition of a church shows either  the great leader skills or lack thereof that a leader possesses.
Our Values:
Our core values are to fulfill the first and great commandment which is to love the Lord our God with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our mind, and with all our strength, and the second commandment which is to love our neighbor as ourselves. First John 3:16b says we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren. Each person, saved or unsaved, is of great value to God and we value our neighbor and will treat each person with respect and dignity and will sacrifice ourselves for the sake of others.